Starting or running a business doesn't have to be a stressful and tiresome journey. Delegate some of the tasks to business consultants so that you can focus on the core areas of your business.We have partnered with professional business consultants just to lift up the burden of finding the right team off your shoulders.
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How to Find the best hire


Check the list of service providers available on this platform


Check what other people are saying about their services on their Bulk Mall web store or their social media pages e.g  Facebook /Instagram. 

If you hire any consultant kindly leave feedback about your experience working with them


Contact individual business consultant to get a quotation and expected delivery timelines


Give feedback by leaving a comment or rating the business provider.

Accelerate your business growth by hiring the right team. See below some of the crucial services you need for your business.

Graphic design

Improve your brand visibility both offline and online.Tasks include but not limited to ; creation of logos, business cards, flyers , banners, Tshirts printing ,graphic posters, social media pages covers etc.

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Website Development and Design

E commerce is the present and future of doing business. Therefore, you need an expert to design and build a website for your business so that you can showcase your products and services to the vast online market.

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Social Media Management

Increase sales and build loyal followers on your social media pages by working with someone who is willing to go the extra mile to grow your brand by engaging with your potential clients and creating captivating relevant content

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Marketing & Sales

Do you know your target customer? Do you know your unique selling point? Hire a consultant who will help you to focus your marketing efforts on the right people.

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Rent a Shelf

Forget the many costs required to open a physical shop,there is a better way of starting or running your business especially if you are an online seller.There are service providers waiting to help you grow your business.

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Errands/Delivery Service

Allow delivery companies to deliver your products at customers doorstep and enjoy increased sales and customer retention.

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