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Enjoy Benefits

Increased visibility and reach

The present and future of shopping in Kenya is online. Our platform will help your products reach a larger audience and increase your brand exposure

Access to a diverse customer base

Our platform brings together buyers from various industries, providing sellers with a diverse customer base to sell to.

Cost Saving

Selling on our platform helps you save on the huge costs associated with setting up and maintaining your e-commerce website.

No commission on products

We allow sellers to sell at their selling prices. This could increase the revenue for sellers as they don’t have to pay commissions. This also attracts more buyers by making the prices of the products more competitive.

Data Analytics

Bulk Mall sellers’ storefronts provide data and analytics that can help sellers understand customer preferences and buying patterns, which can inform product development and marketing strategies.

Unlimited selling hours

Your Bulk Mall online store is always open because there is no closing time or geographical restriction. Customers can buy your products at any time from anywhere

Digital Marketing

We advertise sellers’ products through social media channels and other digital platforms hence a wider reach

Customer Relationship

Our platform allows buyers to communicate directly with sellers online ie on the website and offline via call/text/WhatsApp.

SEO optimized storefront

Get a customizable online store with advanced features like store analytics, product management, mobile responsive, customer support, social links, and a URL link that you can share with your customers

Get more for less

The benefits of selling on our platform outweigh the costs. Our annual subscription fees are competitive to give sellers the advantage edge.

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