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What is consolidation Service?

Combining products from multiple sellers


How to shop

Browse products and add them to the cart. Take note of the location of sellers in the product description. Depending on the seller's location choose the shipping options; 1) Consolidation-One seller 2) Consolidation-various locations . Proceed to Make Payment Delivery within 24 hours

Consolidation-One seller/sellers within the same location

Choose this shipping option if you are buying from one seller or sellers in the same location eg Kamukunji

Consolidation- Various Locations

Choose this shipping option if you are buying from sellers in various locations eg Kamukunji and Eastleigh. At the moment, this service covers sellers only located within Nairobi region

Consolidation Fee

The consolidation charge is inclusive of shipping and errand costs

Who can use consolidation service

1 ) Buyers shopping online ie on the website. 2 ) Buyers who want product sourcing and shipping to be done by Bulk Mall

Why Use consolidation service

1 Cost savings: Consolidating products can help buyers save money on shipping and handling costs. By having all of their products shipped together, buyers can reduce the number of packages they have to pay for and lower the overall cost of shipping. 2 )Simplified ordering process: With a product consolidation service, buyers can place one large order instead of multiple smaller ones. 3) Increased efficiency: Consolidating products can also increase efficiency for buyers by reducing the number of times they have to place orders and receive shipments. This can help buyers save time and focus on other important aspects of their business.

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