How do I make payments?

Once you have selected all the items and added them to the cart, click on the check-out button on the menu. You will see a form requiring you to fill your shipping and billing details.In the case of postal address and code, enter any number if you don’t have the details. Proceed to make payment, Click pay( make sure you have the required amount on mpesa for payment to go through), After you get mpesa message click complete order. Immediately you will get confirmation of your order on your email from Bulk Mall.

How will I receive my parcel?

We will send the parcel via a reliable courier service that has offices in your destination. We will also send you an email address to confirm your order and the state of the order plus the delivery details. You can pick the parcel from the specified courier after 24hours latest.

How will I be sure that I will receive my parcel?

We only use reliable courier companies

We will be in communication with you and you can contact us via our mobile number provided in case of any delay.

What happens if I receive products I did not order for or if the goods are not in good condition?

It is our policy to strive to ensure that receive exactly what you had ordered for, just in case you receive something you had not ordered for or something faulty, please go to our store site and read through our return policies.

Who pays for Courier/Rider fees.

Customers caters for the costs of delivery. Bulk mall will communicate to you the riders/courier fees to be paid before  we dispatch the parcel or  as you pick depending on courier company used to send the parcel. Our customer service team will keep you posted.

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