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Benefits of selling on our platform

Make more money

The present and future of shopping in Kenya is online. Our platform is visited by thousands of kenyans every day because we offer them the convenience of wholesale shopping at the comfort of their homes.

Social media marketing

We advertise your products on  social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok well as on our social media pages.

Store management

We assist you in managing your store, for instance, stock management, creating your business profile and customer support. Available on paid subscription

Shoppers start online

Many retailers begin product search  online straight from their smartphones. The only way to ensure potential customers find your products is to showcase your products on Bulk Mall.

Reach customers across the country

Your products reach a wider market because your Bulk Mall online shop doesn’t have a geographical restriction. sell anywhere across the country.

Your business is open 24/7

Your Bulk Mall shop is always open because there is no closing time restriction. Customers can view your products at any time of the day.

Website Ads

We place your products strategically on website pages frequently visited by customers, For instance Home Page. Available on paid subscription.

Daily cash disbursements

We understand that cash flow is the king in wholesaler’s business. Get cash from daily sales on your preferred payment mode daily

SEO optimized professional online shop

Get a webpage with advanced features like store analytics, product management, mobile responsive, social links and a url link which you can share with your customers

Choose a plan

The benefits of selling on our platform are much more than what you spend. Our annual plans range from free subscription to 20000 per year. #GetMoreForLess

Who can Register as a Vendor?

Sign up as a vendor only if you fall under the following categories
  1. Supplier of products in bulk, for instance, manufacturers and wholesalers
  2. Business service providers ,for example, Graphic Designers, Errand/delivery/courier companies, website designers etc.
  3. Individuals in cottage industry(make their own products in small scale). They are allowed to sell one item to promote Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative. For instance Artisans, cosmetics, fashion, furniture etc


How to Register

Follow these few steps to become a seller

Click Start Selling on top right corner of the homepage or click

Enter your email 

Check verification code in your email

Enter your business name

Create password

Accept Terms and Conditions

Subscribe to our newsletter

Click Register

We have three annual membership subscription plans.

Choose your preferred plan as per your business needs

Click subscribe

Fill in your billing details (Note :if you don’t have box address enter location

Choose Mpesa and click proceed

Click PAY once (you will get Mpesa pop up on your phone)

Click ORDER COMPLETE once you get Mpesa transaction message


Enter your business location and contact details

Enter your business social media pages links(optional)

Enter your SEO title and keywords(Leave blank our support staff will fill for you )



Kindly Note: We charge 10%commission on each product

To add products , click PRODUCTS on top left corner of your store

Click add new or cube icon on mobile view

Enter product title, price, description, category and inventory


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